We are open every Saturday and Sunday.  Come alone, with a friend, or in a group.  All are welcome!  Beginner to experienced, scenario to tournament.

Must be at least 10 years old to play!



General Admission - Self Equipped
(This wristband allows you to play all day, as many games as you wish)

General Admission with Rental Set
(All day play, rental set, and all day air)

Co2 & Air
Compressed Air (up to 4500psi) and Co2     $12.00 all day



Our selection of paintballs is subject to change.

We carry multiple grades of paint, from

recreational to tournament


200 rounds     $10.00 ea

500 rounds     $11.99 and up

2000 rounds     $44.99 and up



Paintballs used at Maximum Paintball The Field

must be purchased at Maximum Paintball The Store

at 4743 N. Blackstone Ave. 559-222-3814

or at The Field.

48ci Compressed Air Tank with All Day Refills  $13.00

20oz Co2 Tank with All Day Refills  $13.00

Mask only  $4.00

Chest Protector  $3.00

Motorized Hopper  $6.00

2 pod pack  $4.00

Alfredo Ramirez

Team Rip

Fresno, California

We carry a serious array of snacks, as well as affordable water and Gatorade!

Rental Equipment

Rental Set:

Semi Auto Paintgun

Safety Mask

Co2 Tank

Unlimited Refills


5 Time Entry/Air


(save 20%)

15 Time Entry/Air


(save 40%)

Season Tickets

Play often or know someone who does?

Save money!

Purchase a 5, 15, or 25 time season ticket and save up to 50% on entry and air!

25 Time Entry/Air


(save 50%)