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Co2 & Compressed Air Information 

Co2 Cylinder Warning

Please allow one of our referees to degas your Co2 tank from your gun when you are finished playing.  There have been occasions when valve assemblies on tanks have malfunctioned and injuries have occured.  Our referees are trained to handle paintball equipment in a safe manner.  Let them assist you!

Safety Tips for Tanks


*Protect your Co2 tanks from the heat!
   If your tank is allowed to get too warm, the pressure inside the tank will increase and eventually the burst disc on the side of the valve will rupture.  This can be an alarming situation as Co2 will be expelled from your tank in a matter of seconds.  DO NOT touch or grab a tank that has just blown it's burst disc.  DO NOT breathe in the expelled Co2.




*Only allow trained personnel to work on your tanks.
   These tanks hold 800 psi to 5000 psi.  Parts that are under or overtightened can case serious injury or even death.

*Do not put stickers on your tanks.
   Properly trained fill technicians must be able to inspect your tank before they are allowed to fill them.  The Department of Transportation can impose serious fines for improper fill procedures.

*Only have trained personnel fill your tanks.
   Trained personnel know how to inspect a tank and make sure it's safe.  They also now how to read the codes imprinted or stamped on the tanks.  Professional paintball stores and paintball fields have the proper CGA Pamphlets on hand as well as DOT exemption information.

*Protect your tank.
   There are various products on the market to prolong the life of paintball tanks.  Thread protectors ($2.99 ea) will protect the threads and valves.  Most valves are made of brass which is a soft metal and is easily damaged.  All compressed air tanks should have a cover.  We recommend one that is heavy duty and has a zipper (about $30.00) as it will be removed each time the tanks is filled.  If you put any type of grip tape or medical tape on the butt of your tank, it will be removed before filling.

Safety First!

Maximum Paintball recommends that paintballers only play at sanctioned, legal paintball fields.  To maintain our sport's good safety record, consistent supervision and standardized rules are required.


Maximum Rules

1. Goggles On!  






Your goggles (mask) must be on while you are playing, watching, or reffing.  Paintball Masks/Goggles must be worn at all times inside the netted  playing fields.   Only non-modified, ASTM approved paintball masks are allowed. 

Don't worry, if you own a "paintball mask" it is ASTM approved!


Goggles & Masks
Paintball players can choose from bevy of different mask styles in many different price categories.  The starting price to buy is $19.99 or you can
rent a mask for $3.00 at TheField ($5.00 at TheStore).Any mask or goggle that is specified for paintball is perfectly safe.  You must, however, maintain your mask and it's parts.  Old (over a year) or cracked lenses must be changed and loose straps should be replaced.  As you clean your mask be sure not to use Windex or any other harsh cleansers as these will damage plastic parts.  We suggest using anti bacterial soap and a lot of cool water after each use.


2. Barrel Bag On! 





Your barrel bag must be on you gun while you are not playing in the official play area.

Barrel Bags

Barrel Covers are required at all times outside of the playing fields.  If you are renting a gun from us a barrel bag is included!  Barrel covers must be in good, working condition.  Barrel plugs, squeegees, and home-made barrel blockers are not allowed.  Only manufactured barrel covers can be used at The Field.

3.  No blind firing.
     -Players must be able to see what they are shooting at.

4.  Unauthorized equipment is not allowed.
     Including but not limited to:
     -Smoke bombs
     -grenade launchers
     -metal cleats
     -paintguns with enhanced trigger modes (response triggers, ramping) turned on.
     -knives, machetes, axes, firearms, pyrotechnics, or explosives

5.  The Field speed limit is 300fps.
     -guns will be chrono'ed before each game.  Velocity is based on the average of three shots.  No shots over 305 fps.

6.  Players must wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, and a shirt.
     -long sleeves are recommended but not required

7.  No alcohol/ drugs are allowed at The Field.
     -If the Field Staff believes that a player is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be asked to leave the park.

Violations of our Safety Protocols (or just acting unsafe) can result in the offending player being removed from play for the remainder of the day.  There are no refunds.


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